They're Here!

Sweater: Forever21, Shorts: Levi's, Belt: Forever21 Tights: ASOS, Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

This year ended with a fun surprise thanks to my frequently mentioned friend Alyssa. For my birthday she bought me a pair of black Lita booties by Jeffrey Campbell. I would have to say these shoes have somewhat of a legendary status among the fashion blogger community and now I know why. At nearly 6'' tall, these are some of the most comfortable and easy to walk in heels I have ever worn. Not to mention, they add the perfect tough edge to almost any outfit and make me feel seriously bad ass. I definitely can't wait to think of more ways to wear these beauties.


Sweet said...

looking great with the shoes and the shorts...

I love the new look in your blog!!!


ching said...

loooking great dear. happy new year.

Meg said...

those shoes are to die for!

SofĂ­a Haltrup said...

They're amazing! haha, Happy new year!

projectvee said...

gorgeous litas. you style them well :) legendary indeed.

cheers to 2011!


valncami said...

you look so cute!!! love the litas & your shorts!

hope to hear from you soon :]
xo, camilla & valerie