Out with a Bang.

The weather is betraying me, but the calendar says Summer is winding to a close. Bittersweet! I'm a bit exhausted when it comes to dressing for unbearably warm days. Wildfox Couture did it again and came out with a new swim collection and accompanying campaign that just might inspire me enough to get through these last few hot weeks. Time to channel my inner Bond girl...



It's a fact, I shamelessly live in denim cut offs all summer. These days I've been looking for a new go to look and I think I've found it. 
 Breezy sundresses, luxe flats, and flowers for days. Plus a Pamela Love cuff to toughen it up a bit.  

What do you live in all summer long??


Because you love love love

thrifted top, BDG jeans, Forever 21 shoes, Brandy Melville accessories 

A simple outfit for a quiet day at work. 
I love the look of a flower crown but have yet to obtain one, so I decided to pull a single rose from my garden to wear. I think fresh flowers make the best accessories! 

On a musical note, I am currently obsessed with the band Of Monsters and Men. Their music simply takes me away, dynamic while remaining folksy and absolutely beautiful lyrics. I got my post title from their song Love Love Love, check it below if you want some seriously good musical inspiration. 



Sometimes things are described better in pictures, rather than words. For me, Summer is definitely one of those things. 
Here's how I plan to live (and dress) in Summer 2012:

images via pinterest/tumblr


Back in Your Head

Brandy Melville Top, Bra and Bracelets, Vintage Levi Cutoffs, JC Lita's  

It's pretty safe to say I'm addicted to the amazingly soft and cool clothes at Brandy Melville. I put myself on a bit of a spending freeze for the last few months, but now that I have a bit of pocket money it was one of the first stores I went to. Definitely obsessed with this open back top, they only had one left in the store and I made sure to snap it up. Their accessories are ridiculously well priced as well...I know I'll be heading back soon.

I am so incredibly happy summer is here. There's something so luxurious in having extra hours of daylight to spend doing anything and everything. This year is proving to be full of BIG changes but I'm positive its a good thing. 


Long time, no see!

It's gone from winter to spring since I did my last post and I am fully immersed in spring fever. Perfect California weather mixed with endless Coachella style updates has me desperate to clean out my closet and run around in cutoffs all day long. 
This little blogging break has given me some renewed inspiration, which sent me into a bit of a creating frenzy. Not one to shy away from a DIY, here's a sneak peak at the newest project I have in the works.

photography by moi!



As a loyal iPhone owner I am, by obligation, also an Instagram addict. As a blogger, it makes absolute sense to document my life in pictures and the filters are just a plus. Take a look at some of my recent snaps...

If you have Instagram check me out at taryn_brooke! I love checking out other people's photos so leave your username in the comments and I'll take a look. :) 


Twin Hearts.

Valentine's Day was...a week ago?? Well I may have been Valentine-less but that does not keep me from loving other things in life, particularly a box of vintage belts from my grandmother's house. It took some digging to find this one at the bottom of the bin but it was immediately my favorite. 
Another new love of mine? Madewell jeans. I splurged and bought my first pair a few weeks ago and I can't stop wearing them. Go try them on ASAP, you won't regret it. 

 UO hat and sweater, Vintage belt and watch, Madewell jeans <3, JC Lita's