(Dress: H&M, Hat: Urban Outfitters, Tights: CVS, Shoes: thrifted, Bracelet: grandpa's, Ring: Flea Market)

Last Saturday I went out with some friends for dinner to celebrate my 18th birthday. Despite pouring rain I wanted to wear my recently thrifted heels and new hat. Both survived the raindrops and puddles and came out unscathed. We rounded off the fun night to see the movie Black Swan which truly blew me away. It was properly dark and creepy, I left the theater with a headache from focusing so hard on what was real and what wasn't. Lesson learned, high platforms are a good replacement for rain boots. :)


projectvee said...

you look beautiful :) hope you had an amazing birthday! i have yet to watch black swan :)


Jen said...

Love this mini-shoot! You look great!

ryan said...

You look beautiful, I love your hat, so cute

Kristin said...

Those shoes are absolutely gorgeous!