New layout. Again, I know. I can't seem to stick with one, but for now I REALLY like how this has turned out. So bear with me in my schizophrenic re-organizing.

Anywho, check out the guest post I recently did over at my BFF Alyssa's blog The Vixen Mix. :)
Tomorrow I will be spending the day helping to trim the tree, put up more holiday lights, and putting the finishing touches on the first part of my Holiday gift guide.

OH, and lastly
I'm back on tumblr!
I started in summer 09 and then stopped to focus on this, but now I'm using it again.
It's full of my favorite inspiration photos and a bit more personal/informal glimpse of my thoughts, life, and ideas.
If you have a tumblr, leave it in the comments!
I'll check it out and most likely follow you :)

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ching said...

i'm liking the new layie.