Flower Power

Awesome Print. Check. Shoulder Pads. Check. Romper Style. Check. Price........$3.00.

Another serious good deal courtesy of my local Salvation Army. Every time I go in they have a new discount or deal written on the white board out front. This particular day happened to be 50% off their already great prices. It's times like these that make me seriously spoiled when it comes to shopping in normal full priced store.

Romper: Thrifted, Tights: Capezio, Shoes: Vintage Justin's


fashion westie said...

yep...that's a bargain. the romper looks great, especially teamed back with the boots. awesome look: tick!

Niko's view said...

I love your boots !!<3

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Sweet said...

lucky find...I love the look of it and the colors as well...such a great buy!!!


projectvee said...

what a steal!