Style Crush 9 // Georgina Chapman

Georgina Chapman, one half of the dream team that created Marchesa, has a completely enviable glamorous style. London born, this girl has done everything...acting, modeling, costume designing, even starting a band. Now she splits her time between homes in LA and NYC, still managing to crank out gorgeous red carpet looks each season.

images from google image search/collage by me

Been MIA this last week working on a amazing secret project....can't wait to share!


Becca said...

first off, I love Georgina Chapman's style. I can't wait to see all the get ups she has her new baby wearing. Also, you have me totally intrigues with this new secret project. I can't wait to hear more.

Mystery Bruises said...

ahh georgia is beautiful and her style is amazing
your blog is awesome, keep it up

Ashley said...

I want her life! Including her closet, of course! She is just the ultimate in fabulousness! :)


Emilie said...

Absolutely gorgeous! And great style!

Jaime @ La vie...J'aime said...

I agree- love her style and love Marchesa!

Jen said...

Such beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing <3