My eyes are always closed in the pictures I end up liking! Oh well...

Shirt: Forever 21
Dress: Unknown
Belt: Vintage
Socks: Dad's
Shoes: thrifted
Bow: Anthropologie
Glasses: Mom's

As this outfit shows, I was feeling a bit eclectic on Monday and took bits and pieces from all over the house. My dad always manages to keep his pairs of socks together, a skill I must not have inherited, making his prime for the borrowing. The belt has a bit of history as well...It was my belt as a toddler that my mom unearthed recently and I still manage to wear on the absolutely largest setting. I'm all about re-purposing clothes any way I can. :)

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Tugba said...

Woww u look great :) Love this combo. Stylish and sweet :D




Meg said...

first of all, that is gorgeous picture of you! second those glasses are fabulous!!!

Becca said...

I can't stop wearing my denim shirt. I haven't tried out this look yet, but you can be sure it's in my near future. You look adorable, and I love that photo of you peering over your sunglasses! What a cute shot!

ching said...

whether your eyes are closed or not, you still look dashing on your outfit. :)

the color of your lipstick, i like!


StyleNonsense said...

Love The Pariring Of That Shirt With That Tee.
Thanks For Your Comment, I've Replied.

Lee Oliveira said...

Great style.. Love the denim shirt over your dress.

Dancing Branflake said...

Such lovely photos! And you pull off the socks and sandals look so well! My calves are way too big for that. Beautiful!

lilmissshortee said...

Niiice outfit
lovely shoes,
the bow is sooo cute.

Jaime @ La vie...J'aime said...

Adorable look!!

Sasha B. said...

these photos turned out SO great tar! nice background ;) love love love <3

Eri said...

Great post! I really enjoyed your blog.

I thought I would let you know about my new GIVEAWAY.
You and your readers are most welcome to take part!

A Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter necklace by Tom Binns for Disney Couture!

See you soon.

kristina said...

cute outfit. the shoes are adorable.

Niki B. said...

love this look!

xo Niki
A Haute Mess

Tesa said...

very cute!
thank's for your comment ;)

Briana said...

Love the layering you did here. So cool.


ryan said...

What a great look! You look amazing!

Ashley said...

i HATE when my eyes are closed!! I swear I never purposely close them...tehy just end up that way! I like the eclectic look, and I think it all does really work together. I like how the denim work shirt adds some structure to the whispy white dress underneath.

xoxo, Ashley

Raez said...

you're adorable! i lvoe your outfit, what a cute style!

xx raez

sweet said...

that just proves one thing my dear...whatever photo you are in...and whatever facial expression you have...you are totally gorgeous...

and photogenic...no bad angles at all...

perfect!!!!in other words

take care love

S said...

Oh cute outfit! I love the little detail of the bow in your hair, matching with that pink lipstick!


nickyboutique said...

Thank you so much for your comment :)
I love this outfit! ♥

Roya said...

Loving the denim shirt and the sock/sandal combo.

J said...

you look great, funny thing i've just done a post on socks and heels, so the trick is to steal dad's socks, i'll keep that in mind

great post and thanks for your comments

Serah Alabi ♥ said...

Lovely Blog ♥
amazing style..

ur new reader

Holly Knitlightly said...

Ah, you're so cute! I love this outfit, and your blog! :)

Alan Li said...

Nice you look amazing! I actually really like your eyes closed, it almost looks like your looking down :P.

Beth said...

This is so cute. I love the open shirt with the belt. All of the layering, including the socks + shoes is spot on!

Jade "Purple" Brown said...

i love how you belted everything, your outfits are always so cute!


The F Word Online said...

cute outfit girl ! i love how you belted it altogether

xx lue

antonia said...


Kocourova Adi said...

you look a little bit like a Amy Winehouse, but you are nicer:))

projectvee said...

i love love love this!