Model Crush: Frida Gustavsson

Ever since I saw this girl in the Stockholm street style pictures with Karlie Kloss I've been enamored with her look and style. I love that she has delicate features, a contrast to a lot of popular models as of late. With fashion week right around the corner I hope she gets lots of bookings. :)

image 1, image 2image 3,backstage Rodarte/unknown, COACD, image 6

weeeeeeeeeeee :)
I love each and every one of you. It's awesome to know I'm not just talking to myself all the time.
I'm quickly approaching my 100th post!
Plans are in the works for a special surprise.


M. said...

I'm obsessed with her, major girl crush!

lovelove, M.

cupcakecouture said...

i agree, i love her look, her features are very doll like

actually.love said...

i love the red lipstick in that picture!! She has a flawless look. pretty!


thatsorad said...

THese are amazing!!!!

Can't wait for your 100th!

Sasha b. said...

mm i think i have a girl crush as well! She photographs really well.. jealous. haha. i like your use of words.. "enamored" :)


S. said...

shes gorgeous. so unique looking


divine bunny said...

love her!!!

She is so verstile and looks fresh young fced!

Lovely site deary!

Polished Sense said...

I sooOOOooo want to make my own jean jacket like the one in the first picture! Thanks for inspiring me :D


Miss Woody said...

she's gorgeous!

LML said...

i LOVE the 3rd pic!

Viva La Fashion said...

that girl can definately wear a red lip. <3

Chantelle said...

i like her crazy features! Her head has this odd shape to it, and her eyes are huge. I LOVE BIG EYES! Makes everyone look like a doll

ARANXA. said...

following :) hehe
i love all this pics
much love,

Baro Lucas said...

I love the outfit of first photo.
I love this denim coat
A big kiss

Fashion Cappuccino said...

She's definitely a new face to watch!! I love her face! xoxoxoxo

S. Bernstein said...

I love the first two pictures

fadetoblack said...

loving the pictures of her in the black and the feathers!!

lavelle said...

Love her! Love the street style photo with the black ribbon and cameo brooch x

ps congratulations on followers / posts!

looking forward to your 100th post lady!

Style Bird said...

Love her...beautiful!

Dannie said...

i looove these photos
those models have such classic beauty! looooving!

Anonymous said...

i love alll of the photos!!
so pretty pretty :) haha

<3 alexx

Erica said...

love the shoes in the second photo


Anonymous said...

she's beautiful! Im going to follow you now :)

samantor said...

wow, she's beautiful! :)

i love your blog!
check out mine :)