My Lovelies :)

Today I have two new blogs that I would absolutely love for you guys to check out. Not only do I love reading them but I love the people behind them! These girls keep me inspired and are amazing people in real life. :)

Blog #1: Black n' Gold a La Mode

Written by my friend Sasha, Black n' Gold a La Mode, is full of wonderful picture collages and almost daily outfit posts. She shares exciting stories from her school fashion classes and internships as well as proving that you can look unique and chic but still be comfy, cozy, and completely yourself. We've got some exciting shopping adventures planned for the future. :)

Blog #2: [Pretty Little Inspiration]

My friend Heather is the sweetest person and an aspiring wedding planner. Her blog is full of beautiful pictures and ideas based off of whatever she finds inspiring that day. I always look forward to seeing what new things she will find and come up with. :)


Meg said...

the last blog looks gorgeous, and like a possible great resource for those who will be getting married soon! ill check them both out

actually.love said...

i love black and gold's blog too (:

eyeswideopen said...

Yea i'm actually following black and gold too!


Sasha b. said...

i love you taryn :)

Jaime said...

Oh I must go check them out... so many talented people out there!

Valentine Devlieghere said...

You have a great blog!
Best of luck! ;)

Follow me if you want on http://ptitevalentine-be.blogspot.com/

x Valentine

GWYN said...

thanks for introducing me to black n gold :) x

LML said...

ooh i must check these out - thanks for posting :)

S. Bernstein said...

I have been following black and gold as well :)

Alyssa said...

your friend sasha is so pretty!
ahhh (:

lavelle said...

Lovely blogs!

Thanks for sharing, hope that you are well sweetie. i've been a bit sorry with commenting lately, sorry!