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Thank you so much to Lavelle of Kisses and Cross Stitches for being my 20th follower!
I've been a fan of her blog for months now, I feel so honored to be followed back.
Seriously, go check it out for the most beautiful and inspirational photo collections. :)

Also, thanks to #21, Olivia from Just Call Me Olive.

I want to say thank you to every single person who has ever commented or followed my blog. It's nice to know I'm not always just talking to myself. :)


MARISA said...

cute postttt

keep up the great blog and i think you will have a lot more than 20 followers... sooner rather than later!

lavelle said...

haha look at my photo up there!! thanks darling, like i said, i cant believe i wasnt already following you!!

Love the nails post - i just posted about nails too! And just found a few others.