The storm is coming, but I don't mind

This past weekend my sis and I had a little adventure and watched indie movies and went to a pumpkin patch. We are both complete "holiday spirit" junkies, so it seemed fitting.
However the 90 degree weather was so NOT fall-like. hmmmph

Top: A&F
Vest: UO
Shorts: DIY cut offs
Shoes: The boots I wear way too often (Ralph Lauren)

Snake we almost sat on.

P.S. If it's showing at a theater near you, go see An Education. So so so good, full of fun 60's style, amazing french architecture and music, and a really interesting storyline.

EDIT: I am one person away from 20 followers! Next person to follow will get a shout out and their blog featured in my next post. :)


ONiC said...

you look simply lovely :]
and uhh what? you take a pic of a snake you almost sit on? hmm i dont think i would ever do that hahaha i will just ran away and not back to the place for some month maybe

Annie said...


i love the outfit!
looks amazing!

love annie <3

Faridah said...

Is that snake real! So scary. I would love to visit a pumpkin patch!

Coco + Audrey said...

AAAHHH! The snake picture totally freaked me out!

And yum, I heart pumpkins. It takes me back to Harry Potter and the days of pumpkin juice.

lavelle said...

You have 20 now, I'm following you! I thought I already was but I wasnt. Love this post, look at all those pumpkins!!! xx

Heini said...

Looking good!

Olivia Liem said...

hey,look great in that outfit! Thanks for ue lovely comment on my blog :) I'm a bit late, so i'll just be the 21st follower then :)