Nailed Down.

Here and there, in both editorials and real life, I keep seeing over the top nails painted in crazy colors with immaculate detail. I've attempted a few times to recreate these looks but I think it's going to take me some practice...lots and lots of practice. Instead, I'm thinking of turning back to my elementary school days and trying out some press on nails. Dashing Diva makes some amazing sets which I've been in awe of for the last week and gave in and bought myself a pair to try out.

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Also, I'm seriously loving Minx Nails!
I have no clue if there's anywhere you can get them done in California.
I will find a way. They are that awesome.


S. said...

ooh, I'm liking the paisley one :)


beckyxoxo said...

aww i want my nails to be like that ! so super cool . haha . thanks for sharing ! have a nice day :)

alyssa said...

i want those leopard ones(:

KAELA said...

Oh my goodness! The Sushi ones are mega cute! Haha x

Faridah said...

Ahhh those leopard prints nails are so amazing, especially with that lightning bolt ring. I think I need a ring like that in celebrating of my love for Harry Potter.

Julia said...

Oh man! I used to get the longest most outrageous nails! I loved them. But now that I am constantly getting my hands dirty at art school, it just isn't worth it.