Testing 1...2...3... Say What!? #1

I've been wanting to start a semi-regular feature, and until about 5 minutes ago had no real clue as to what it would be. Then I saw these shoes from Zaha Handid and the idea hit me. Say What!? That's exactly it! A perfect little post to show you guys things that make me go "Huh??" and "Woahhh" at the same time. So anyways, I'm not exactly sure how frequently these posts may pop up, but hopefully pretty consistently. :) Take a look ---->

image via style.com

Chanel collaborated with architect Zaha Handid late last year to create their Mobile Art Pod, and now Handid is working with Brazillian shoe company Melissa to make this strangely fantastic jelly shoe. Currently only sold at Epaulet in the US.

What do you think? Rediculous or awesome?


Mila said...

i dont really know.They`re just to look at.
Lovely blog :D

daisy kate said...

I'm so confused I'm not quite sure where my foot goes? :/
Thank you for your comment on my blog

bloo. said...

haha .. i don`t know ..
but i like it :)