My Alter Ego

Well actually, I would have to say that this blog is more of my alter ego or maybe just another side of my personality. In any case, I wanted to show you guys what I'm up to in the real world. I'm a full time competitive figure skater (13 years total) as well as a dancer on a company(10 years dancing/6 in company). I take school classes online so that I have time for everything which is allowing me to graduate a year early. Here's some pictures :D

Now tell me your life story :P


June Paski said...

wow it's amazin, im study dork I love reading tons of books, and most of my books are about business and accounting, cuz im accounting student >.<


packsister said...

hey i used to ice skate!
i was in juvinile. (sorry if i spelt that wrong :)

what level are you in??

daisy kate said...

Oh woowwww I am so jealous :( I used to dance, I did jazz tap modern and ballet and I loved it, but then I moved house and blah blah blah I couldn't do it anymore, my biggest regret SO much. Erm, my life story, well at the moment, I'm 18 (19 in three months and soooo not looking forward to it!) I'm going to uni in three weeks and I'm terrified because I've lived with my boyfriend for almost two years and before that shared a room with my twin sister so now I'm like uh, I'm on my....own? haha :) And I work at a petrol station :/
Still loving your blog and I want that dress in your post below! www.dazedyoungmess.blogspot.com

Lady said...

You forgot to mention you have perm! haha
Amazingly crazy story misssypooofoo

I have alter-egoes as well,
I go by five different names daily,
some of them have nothing to do with anything in my life other than I like the sounds when people say them.

I was born and raised a bit in Los Anegeles, I had an awkward//lonely childhood. I treasure bikes a lot because I never rode them as a kiddy-o, the streets were too dangerous & the front yard is like 5ft til' you hit a fence.
I tend be independent, because a lot of my younger years really did affect me, I hang out with a lot of family, mainly because there's/was anyone around my age.
I never stick to anything, I like to try things like the little testers at Costco & I also don't finish anything.
I love to paint, but don't like people seeing it as much, because too many thoughts go on. And I cry when I stare at blank canvases and have no strength or urge to pick up that brush.
I'm a loser in high school, but have more friends than I thought.
people usually like me because I'm a truth-teller, a crazy mofo, and can be very happy.
I'm afraid of routines or can't stand them, and I don't date/nor do I even like people, in that lovey way at least.

I always enjoy the moment, no matter what happens.

The greatest friends of my life also live an hour away. Which I only visit at the most once a month, because I'm not old enough to drive, or even allowed many places in the first place. I hate sports, but like wrestling, and no, I'm not a lesbian. I was just taught upon groups of guys while growin' ups up & away! And I love my best friend (no homo), but am sad because she's also in actual love with a guy, and I have no sort of that mentality but treasure the thought very much.

I'm pretty much a dreamer, not do-er, unless 10 years later...

Thanks for reading, if you did.!

P.S. My favorite films are Jaws & Amelie ! Plus, I tend to write in stanzas, un-purposefully.