Days go by

Pretty plain day, however my family did go see District 9. Pretty intense and bloody but I thought the story line was really interesting; not at all what I expected. It was pretty cool when I woke up but by noon it was at least 100 degrees. I'm coming to the conclusion that I really am not a summer girl. Oh well :)

Top: UO
Skirt: F21
Socks: UO
Shoes: vintage/ebay
Glasses: Jill Stuart

Oh yeah and I did take the bottles I've been collecting to the recycling center and made $9.50. I love easy ways to make money :)


Briar Dawson said...

Thanks for the comment :)
Your blog is very cool


Cancha-diction said...

I wish my family would see District 9 with me...I think they'd be too scared. Lovely blog. Great music and photos! I'd love to follow you if you follow me? Let me know on my blog comments.

Macy said...

you're looking very pretty x

Neira said...

that skirt is so cute!
yes i agree with you..summer is not fun!

miss neira

ANN said...

I'm not a summer girl either, it's been so hot lately I can't wait for winter! $9.50 doesn't sound bad at all, I should start doing collecting bottles again haha

Flashes of Style said...

cuuute! I just love this skirt.

Mimi said...

i wish i had TIME to go out and look for bottles :[ cuz I really need tha money. I'm broke-ish, stuck in a fastfood restaurant job. Daaang. I probably will quit once school starts.

daisy kate said...

I'm going to see the midnight preview of district 9 tonight, I'm dead excited, I hope it's good! Love your outfit yet again :) Oh and I ended up buying the bralet from a post you commented on, there's a picture of me wearing it in my newest post :) Thank you for the advice! www.dazedyoungmess.blogspot.com