The Borrowers

Vintage scarf, thrifted Express sweater, Vintage belt, Urban Renewal shorts, Target backpack, Steve Madden Boots, Assorted rings

These boots are borrowed from a friend but oh how I wish they were mine! Seriously, they are so comfy and extra cozy with the fuzzy lining. However, with spring in full swing and a warm summer on its way I really have no need for a pair of furry boots, so I will keep myself content with the occasional shoe swap (she took my purple leather Justin's as collateral). Another new addition here is my new backpack from Target. I am a serial small purse offender, often carrying a bag too small to everything I need and therefore pawning things off on my friends to hold. But this is no more! I can easily fit my wallet, phone, camera, makeup, iPad, a book, heck a spare pair of flats in this bag without much trouble. I'm in love.


Jenmarie said...

I love the vintage scarf and your new backpack! I love bags that fit everything!

Emma said...

Girl, steal those boots! They are GORGEOUS. x

Catherine said...

I love your blog, I'm gonna follow you :)