Room to grow

The time has finally come for me to move from my tiny closet sized bedroom into my sister's bigger bedroom. It is the first time since I was born that I've been able to completely redecorate a room of my own from start to finish. It's a slow-going process as she moves out, but its given me plenty of time to assemble my inspiration. So far, the room has been painted all white with gold molding and a gold and crystal light fixture. There is still some painting to be done but in the coming weeks I'll be able to move in furniture and finally get to settle in and style the space.

all images via tumblr


The Jilted Lovers said...

beautiful pictures!

ching said...

those images are lovely inspirations. good luck on that endeavor.

fhen said...

oh these photos are adorable!
and im curious about your new room :)

Jen said...

I love these photos, they are so inspiring! I hope you post photos when you're done with your room :)

Tasha said...

What great pictures for inspiration!

sweet said...

can't wait to see the final result my dear...seeing these inspirational designs makes me want to buy new furniture for the pad...especially the clothes rack is a must!!!!


lavelle said...

How exciting!

With wonderful inspiration like these photographs, I'm sure the finished project will be gorgeous :)

antonia said...

great pictures!
and love the violet boots from the lastpost!!!!!!!!!!!


Meg said...

yay congrats on moving into a bigger room! redecorating is ALWAYS fun! these photos are fantastic inspiration!