Well Made Plans

Thursday night was spent dreaming, plotting, and planning with my very good friend Sasha. We have a rather exciting plan in the works which will be revealed in a few months time. She works at a complex known as "The Camp," made up of an assortment of interesting stores and cafes. We spent the evening at Milk & Honey, a tiny place with yummy drinks, snacks, and frozen yogurt. The space is so small they have to open a big sliding door onto a minuscule patio stuffed with couches to accommodate guests...it's really kind of magical.

Photo quality is kind of whacked, I was having serious lighting issues.

Top: Gimme Vigor
Lace: UO
Shorts: A&F hand-me-downs
Shoes: Deena and Ozzy
Bag: Louis Vuitton
Bracelets: random junk


Panda said...

You look really gorgeous :) I love your wedges + heavy fringe! panda xx

mirandolina said...

you look gorgeous in this top-lace mix + your pretty smile, I like it!
kisses :)

Meg said...

your shoes are great, and that looks like the cutest little cafe!

Ruby said...

LOVEEEE the shoes :)
Ruby xxx

SEED said...

im such a great photographer ;) youre so gorge girl and i cant wait for our little plan to happen! :)

sasha b. said...

woops i just left that as my seed account :(

ANN said...

I love your wedges, and I love Milk & Honey! Their Lavender Tea Latte is sooo good :)

Jade "Purple" Brown said...

i love those wedges!


projectvee said...

great wedges - and this place sounds amazing :)

Anonymous said...

O hun you are absolutely gorgeous and I love your style! I'm so glad you stopped by my blog :) New follower

Gayle said...

This is adorable. I have an LV multicolore bag like that too, but its bigger with a shorter strap :) Its from my mom.

Visit my blog!

Indie.Tea said...

You look great...you look esp. pretty in the first photograph.

Anonymous said...

You look great!!! I wish I had your long legs!