I Heart Blogging

It's kind of tough getting back into the swing of blogging, since I haven't been able to post as consistently as I'd like for quite awhile. But finally, I have some time to catch up on all the news and updates I've missed.

First up, how awesome are the clothes and styling for the I Heart Ronson Fall 2010 collection? The styling is on par with her regular ready-to-wear collection, while we all know the individual pieces are mad affordable. Particularly I am loving the long layers on top paired with short skirts and layering tights over heels. Plus this further promotes my obsession with leopard shoes
(the only for of leopard I seem to tolerate, but that's another post.)

Check it out for yourself, will you be storming Macy's to nab some pieces this fall?

images via Fashionista

P.S. Major shout out and THANK YOU to all my followers as I now have over 100! I can now check off one of my New Years goals. I love you guys :)


Jaime @ La vie...J'aime said...

Love the last look and the tights! :)

Connie @ SogniESorrisi said...

Love the fourth look and the patterned tights.

The Runaway Dress said...

Amazing, seeing a lot of things I want

projectvee said...

these are super cute. definitely want to check it out!

Alyssa said...

oh, i love those tights. we should defff go check this out at macy's (:

C.Chico said...

i totally agree with you - it's tough gtting back into the swing of blogging. i have my moments when i just wanna keep posting, then i get lazy.

i'm loving some of the i heart ronson pieces. definitely worth taking a trip to macy's to check it out.

Cristi Silva said...

I love the last outfit! SO RAD!!!

Panda said...

Beautiful collection! I heart the heels and tights/socks combo - soooo cute! Panda xx
+ Thanks for the ultra amazing comment - you really are very sweet!