For some reason, a new year tends to make me feel a bit nervous and regretful, like I didn't accomplish enough the year before and didn't start the new year in a grand enough way. I guess it it is my perfectionist tendencies rearing their head. When it comes to resolutions, I hate the guilt that comes with breaking them so instead I make plans, like a master goals/to-do list for the upcoming year. Here is my 2010 version:

  • get to 100 blog followers
  • practice sketching
  • finally learn to sew
  • learn a new way to curl my hair
  • make money
  • (either making/selling things or an actual job)
  • test through my gold dances
  • get an ice dancing partner
  • land my triples
I guess you could consider these resolutions, but in my mind they are goals.
Am I the only one who feels this way? What are your plans?


Toria said...

I totally agree with you! I've been doing that my whole life and decided to change it this year for 2010 :) i hope i stick to them!

AudreyAllure said...

great goals! :)

Virginia said...

I know what you mean - there is always something regretful about passing another new year's... like you haven't accomplished your goals for yet another year! Good luck with your new year's goals; very cool about the figure skating (I really have to say it's amazing you do that - because it looks so terrifying!). Happy new year!

Julie Jones said...

a happy new year to you, lady! I hope it's been magical so far :)

Sasha b. said...

i can help u with the sewing!! p.s. i love setting goals. and accomplishing them and crossing them off ur list is the best feeling ever!

Aney, said...

Definitely goals girl! I'm siding with you on this one - no resolutions list, but rather a goals list. It's amazing how you can ice skate!! I wish I could, but I didn't even manage to get on the ice at least once this year ugh :(

lovely blog btw :)

LML said...

very good and realistic goals!
loving your new header too :)

S and O said...

I love making goals and resolutions. most times I don't finish all of them but hey that's that:)
I'm liking your goals, I can really relate to a lot of them like: getting a job, finding a new hairstyle and getting more blog followers:D
I wish you the best of luck with yours!

the materialist said...

First off,your blog is lovely!
and im deffanitly working on my resolutions,but looks like you got some solid ones,

btw,thankyou for the ever so lovely comment on my blog,

have a splendid day,
the materialist


Like your goals, I think you will fulfil them all :)



Tights Lover said...

Good luck on your goals...I think they are good ones.

I love your blog!

Jony said...

Your blog is amazing. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! And i'm def working on my resolutions, but i like the word goals more!!! ;)
Great you can ice skate!!

(always)alanna said...

the first three are my exact goals. plus the money one. love it girl; good luck!
and your blog is gorgeous; lovee it!

Anonymous said...

DUDE i loveeeeee the new set up of the blog!! and love your resolutions AND I LOVE YOU TARYNPOO!!

<3 alexx

Jess said...

you figure skate? i totally used to take lessons when i was younger - good luck with it cause i know its tough! i'm hopeless at curling my hair as well but my friend uses a straightner and it turns out amazing every time

good luck with it all :)

anna bu said...

so cool that you are ice skating!!!!!!!! :)

Jen said...

i do tend to make goals rather than resolutions. :) good luck with all of them, i also have to make money this year (to make up for all the money i spent, sigh).
love the blog!

Jaime said...

Nice resolutions- my big ones are get active again and get a new job!

PS: LOVE your new blog header...beautiful!

Couture Carrie said...

Excellent goals, darling! I hope to learn to sew too!

Happy 2010!


Talon said...

i love the first picture

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