I'm really having a hard time getting back into the swing of school. Even though I have the fewest classes this year, there are just soooo many things I'd rather be doing. I'm off to go work for a few hours and crank out as much as much english and econ work as I can manage. Tonight I'm going to be working on an epic-ly large NYFW wrap up post with collages of my favorite collections I haven been able to feature yet...then I can move on to London Fashion Week. I'm hoping to set aside a good chunk of time to reply to people's comments and see what everyone else has had to say.

Until then wish me luck on all of this school business. The idea that I get to take next year off is all that is keeping me going.

Ohh and I do have to say, Isaac Mizrahi stole my heart. But more on that later.

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Darrah said...

It's so hard to balance school and blogging. I'd rather blog all day than write a 5 page English essay.