NYFW Wrap Up

So, after a long night of reading Beowulf (oh joy) I was able to sit down and get together collages of my last few favorite collections from New York Fashion Week. I know that in the weeks to come, when I finally get through every single collection I'll find more things I'm crazy about, but for now I am content.

Favorite #1-Isaac Mizrahi

Must track down those star earrings.

Favortie #2-threeasfourI know these two favorites seem pretty polar opposites, but now that I compare them side by side the shapes and color schemes are slightly similar. Obviously I'm drawn to steely light blue, black and white.

Naeem KhanToo pretty not to mention. That pearl dress is perfection.

MarchesaI literally sat at my computer saying wow out loud...like the fashion obsessed nerd that I am.

And yes, I did love Marc by Marc, but he always gets so much press immediately after the shows, so I'm saving a post just for him for a later date. :P

What collections were your favorite? What did you hate?
comment comment comment :D


Ine said...

The Marchesa models are way too skinny... I do love the white jacket in the second picture, though

Cancha-diction said...


i love the lattice-like embellishments.
you are definitely knowledgeable about runway fashion and designers!

great post! keep the updates coming!

KAELA said...

All I can say is that I wish I could affort those clothes!
Haha.. oh, the life of a student!

x kaela