Style advice from Dan Humphrey?

My trusty laptop has died. :( After 3 long hard years it went kaput basically overnight. My dad is going to help me transfer the files we can still access...but I feel so lost without my regular organization. Thankfully, my mom is letting me share her laptop for awhile. :)
Anyways, hopefully I'll be back to more regular posts now.


The new season of Gossip Girl is drawing closer and closer and I seriously cannot wait. The show realeased a series of 10 to 15 second promos featuring a "WTF!" theme and this one is without a doubt my favorite.

I can't imagine Blair sans headbands, it's actually kind of a frightening thought, but I can't wait to see what kind of style changes come to all the characters with the college life.

Secondly, I cannot wait for Blair and Chuck to finally have a semifunctional relationship. This picture says it all.

Elle Korea

THIS is why Chuck and Blair are meant to be. I just hope it lasts. :P

Do you watch GG? If so, what are you looking forward to?


My last random bit;

Peres Hilton now has his own fashion blog, CocoPerez. Say Whattt?!?


ANN said...

Haha I saw his fashion blog this morning, I was like whaaat?! I just invited you btw

-L said...

LOVE that Chuck and Blair photo!!


Style Bird said...

Great post!

jayne said...

Hi just found your blog & I love it! You have great taste in popculture and awesome style! cannot wait to read more, would you like to trade links?

that promo was hilarious, somehow I don't see the headbands fitting into East Village NYU. Actually I think I am most intrigued about how each character's style will change as they head off to college and out of prepschool uniforms