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10 Happy Things!
This post is inspired by the Happiness list on Kisses and Cross Stitches, who was inspired by The Rockstar Diaries and The Room That Dreams are Made Of. All three are amazing and deserve a looksie.

My list of 10

1. catching people dancing when they think no one is looking.
2. the smell after is rains
3. finding treasure at my local thrift stores
4. mint shampoo
5. being so tired everything is funny
6. driving home from places with my sister late at night listening to music and dancing
7. getting so caught up in a conversation that you lose track of time
8. getting so caught up in a book that you lose track of time
9. naps :)
10. little white lights

It's really hard for me to pin down 10 things...I think a list like this is constantly changing and evolving, but I know for sure that those are a good little group of ideas that always make me smile.
Everyone go and make a list and leave a comment if you do! I want to check it out and see what makes you happy! :)

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Style Bird said...

I love the photo and your list.