Deep Fried Anything

Today, my mom, sister and I braved the traffic, crowds, and craziness to make it to the OC Fair. We spent most of our time looking at the various booths and avoiding sales people like the plague. No one in my family handles those awkward sales pitch situations well. We came across every deep fried food known to man, from zucchinis and jalapenos to poptarts and twinkies. We did treat ourselves to a small assortment of chocolate drizzled berries for my mom and sis and a piece of chocolate covered licorice for me. :) Definitely delicious minus the greesy aftertaste.
My henna:

My sister's henna:

yummy and pretty :)

AW! born July 18th


Rebel Girl said...

Oh my god, I love this. I wish it were hot enough to wear shorts here! But seriously, those boots+henna=amazing

ONiC said...

aww the henna is so cute. make me wanna give it a try. haha

- metallic . said...

your outfit is very nice!

chloe said...

Ah, I can't wait for the fair. The henna's look great & the pigs are SO CUTE! of course, we all know what will happen to them once they grow up... =/

And by the way, I use a Pentax K200D. Really nice camera, great quality.

Style Bird said...

Cute outfit..I LOVE the henna.

KAELA said...

beauuuutiful henna! I really want a set of my own to do at home :)