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Title: Calendar Girl by Stars

Ok, summer is in full swing and I am making it a promise to myself to consistently make updates to my blog. Consistency, consistency, consistency! See I always get hung up by trying to write "the perfect post." But in reality, they end up sounding like fabricates crap. So, I'm going to do my best to be me. :) Anyways, moving on...

Last weekend was quite an adventure. My BFF Alyssa got a Pentax k2000 DSLR camera for her birthday so, using her mom's outrageous collection of vintage, we took some rediculously awesome pictures.

Outfit #1-all vintage except for my pleather leggings. oh and Alyssa's Candy-O record.

Outfit #2-vintage top and skirt, more leggings, and my white Docs.

Halfway through the day we made a run to the camera store for new UV filter and to Rite Aid for ice cream. This was some of the most fun I've had in ages. It was like big girl dress up :)


ONiC said...

i love the first outfit. the shoes color is the killer

Tori said...

I love these. =) haha I love doing photoshoots.