Go ask Alice

Alice in Wonderland has to be one of my all time favorite Disney movies. It's right up there with The Little Mermain. Anyways, In terms of style it is one of my greatest forms of inspiration. Down the rabbit hole it seems like anything is possible...the flowers can sing and the cats tell you riddles. So dress like the Mad Hatter because everyday's a tea party.

If there was one movie I could steal the wardrobe from next year, it would probably have to be Tim Burton's new interpretation on Alice.

(Click to enlarge/Images via INF Daily/sorry about the stamps)

These are the only images I've been able to find so far but I can already tell it's going to be incredible.

Lastly, no Alice in Wonderland post would be complete without a nod to this epic editorial:

Vogue Dec '03
Click here to view the entire spread.


Tori said...

So excited to see Tim Burton's.
Love those outfits they are wearing in it too!!

Annie said...

that vogue editorial is one of my favorites EVER. it's so amazing.

alice in wonderland has recently become an obsession of mine, i played the cheshire cat in a school production in january! it's such a great story.