All for one...

...And one for all.
Well at least a onesie for me.
Romper. Playsuit. Jumpsuit. Onesie. I've even heard "Onething." Whatever you want to call it.
All I know is that I love them in basically any way, shape, or form. Loose knit versions like the one I wore today scream summer to me, especially when featuring any kind of ditzy floral print. Switch it up with slinkier, shiny fabric and more structured fit and you are ready for just about anything. Plus, like a dress they are easy to style, one piece on and you are ready to go!
What more could you ask for?
Anyways, here's my take for today. I was in need of some bright colors after yesterday's grayscale feel:

(Click to Enlarge)
Onesie: Mossimo from Target
Pink Top: Dans Le Danse
Necklace: old birthday present
Shoes: stolen from a friend ;)

How/do you plan to rock a onesie this summer?

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