Twin Hearts.

Valentine's Day was...a week ago?? Well I may have been Valentine-less but that does not keep me from loving other things in life, particularly a box of vintage belts from my grandmother's house. It took some digging to find this one at the bottom of the bin but it was immediately my favorite. 
Another new love of mine? Madewell jeans. I splurged and bought my first pair a few weeks ago and I can't stop wearing them. Go try them on ASAP, you won't regret it. 

 UO hat and sweater, Vintage belt and watch, Madewell jeans <3, JC Lita's


modern Suburbanites said...

i love your belt!!


Joyce said...

I love the hearts on your belt and the Madwell jeans look amazing on you! Great outfit :)

el_martina said...

I love this look!

Aki No Yuutsu said...

that belt is super cute!!!

charlotteblankenstein said...

Wowo your so beautiful! I hope you visit my blog, too!

Kiss, Charlotte

Fifi said...

I like your Lita's

I was silly enough to buy furry ones...black is much more wearable

- Fifi

anhesty said...

lovely outfit!

k come karolina said...

you look great!i love it!!!

xoxo from rome

Dressed4Success said...

LOVE your litas!! ;)

Nuevo diseño de pestañas/menú en mi blog!!;)

Clodet Illustrations

Teresa said...

Fabulous look! That vintage double hearts belt really accents the outfit well!