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 I am a character and Style Phenomenon is meant to inspire a world where no one is afraid to let their character show. Plainly speaking, Bloggers Wardrobe is a fascinating concept that I am dying to be a part of!

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A few days ago my mom brought home a book from the craft store all about re-purposing clothing in new ways. Most of the projects required semi-advanced sewing skills and time, two things I'm lacking, but when I saw a project that I could start and finish almost instantly I knew I had to try it. 
This skirt is SUPER easy and I am in love with the results. 
Step one - Button mens shirt around your waist, using the collar like a waistband.
Step 2 - Pull the sleeves to the front and tie. 
You now have a Vivienne Westwood-esque skirt!
These skirts are pretty easy to come by, especially if you have a dad or brother to borrow from or you can find them in a million styles and colors at your local thrift. 

Urban Outfitters Hat, Victoria's Secret Tank, Dad's shirt as skirt, F21 heels


sara tardiff said...

what an easy concept,and it looks adorable!

Loisina said...

I totally did that the other day too!

emily said...

love the shirt as a skirt! nothing like versatile pieces :)

augustalolita said...

great look!! love what you did with the shirt <3

valentina said...

So cool shirt/skirt!


a story about M said...

amazing outfit!
follow each other? :)

Martina said...

Love your hair :) Thanks for visiting! Hope you will ome back and if you like my blog follow me :)

Andrea said...

Thanks for visiting my blog :) I love the shirt skirt, once I turned my frilly top into a skirt, who knew it could be so versatile!

Anonymous said...

plain awesome sauce. sheesh. you do all sorts of crazy creative things. subscribed. also PLEASE say you just got those forever21 shoes???? i need to hit the f21 up more. especially if I need a new jazzy affordable heel.

kristina@beancakes ★ said...

hi taryn! i'm commenting on this older post ~ which i love ~ because i see that you've not updated yet. this is a genius idea and look!! happy monday to you!! ;)
xoxo ~ kristina