I will be here!

Not even a 6:45 AM flight will deter from my excitement...10 days in New York seems like a dream! My mom and I are staying at the Waldorf Astoria thanks to the discount I get for attending my dance intensive. 

For all you LUCKY city dwellers I'd love some suggestions of things to do in my downtime!
My to do list already includes a visit to the Chelsea Flea Market, the Mcqueen exhibit at the Met, classes at Steps and BDC, and hopefully a musical or two, but I need more. I got all the touristy things out of the way when I went two years ago, so I'm looking to explore and try new things. :) 
*Don't forget restaurants!!!*


Meg said...

sorry just saw this post! first of all you will LOVE the McQueen Exhibit, there will probably be a LONG wait, but trust me just wait.

*-Butterlane (i know living in california you are probably partial to sprinkles, crumbs or magnolia) but give butterlane a try its DELISH!

*-Eataly, owned by mario batali, lydia, and some other famous chef, if youre into italian food this place is awesome. Its set up like a big outdoor food market accept that its indoor, and also has a bunch of little restaurants spread throughout based on what they served (one for pizza/pasta, one for sandwiches, one for different cheeses and salamis, one for fish etc.) its the perfect place for grabbing lunch or a quick snack and picking up some little gourmet snacks to bring back to the hotel and munch on later, some of my faves include any and all of the breads but particularly the focaccia with red sauce, the pistachio gelato, and if you have a small fridge in your room pick up some mini heirloom tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella and speck ham!

-Le pain quotidien, but living in california you know what these are

-Quattro in the trump soho hotel, super yummy italian, but on the pricier side.

*-Dylans candy bar, own by dylan lauren, ralph lauren's daughter. Its kind of touristy but still fun, whimsical and they have the largest, most fresh selection of candy in the city, hands down.

*-SOHO!!! its a must, its pretty much the only area in the city I shop, they have everything, favorite stores include, Madewell, Scoop, intermix (though sometimes the sales people in here are a bit snobby) Club Monaco, What Goes Around Comes Around (GREAT vintage), Phillip Lim, Shabby Chic, Barneys Co-op. However I wouldn't wear heels down here, Im not sure how women do it because the streets are an adorable cobblestone mess, and I would trip, A LOT.

-Meatpacking District- A mini soho, but Jeffrey is a must hit boutique, best boutique in the city, though wildly expensive and i haven't been able to afford a thing, its still fun to look at all the clothes.

-Fifth and Madison- EXTREMELY touristy, but if you've never done it you probably should, don't miss Saks and the shoe salon (i saw tim gunn shopping there this spring), Bergdorf Goodman, and Barneys

Other Fun Stuff-
-Maybe the FIT museum, fun, free, and pretty quick its not very large.

-Central Park, honestly a picnic here is the best, maybe bring some of your eataly goodies?

Hope you see this before you leave, and have a great time!

Alexandra said...

have,fun,love !! visit for me too !

alexandra @

Cecylia said...

wow that's awesome!!! Have a great time dear!
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