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Ahh summer is (almost) officially here! We've had an exceptionally long and drawn out dreary spring, so the warmer temps and clear blue skies are extremely welcome. This is my first summer since I was 3 without a full time figure skating training schedule which is bittersweet. However, I am as eager as ever to easy summer style and beauty, these blogs have some amazing examples of that. 

How gorgeous is that wall...and her outfit?? via Late Afternoon.

Lovely lace shorts found at greer.

Fieldguided has it right when it comes to summer beauty, simple and pretty.

The 01 Blog has all the adorable looks from Shipley & Halmos SS11.


A great big thank you to Marissa from What Makes Me Happy for giving me this award!

Let's see now I am supposed to share 7 facts about myself.

1. I skipped 8th grade and graduated high school a year early (which allowed me to take this last year off of school, I will be returning this fall)
2. At 5'8.5 I am still the shortest person in my family. My sister is 6' tall!
3. This summer I am going to New York to attend the Rockettes summer intensive.
4. When my mom was pregnant with me doctors told her there was only a 5% chance of me actually surviving.
5. I obsessively multitask. I'm always doing more than one thing at a time.
6. Purple is my favorite color at the moment.
7. I seriously love to travel. I love discovering new places both near and far to home.

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