Thursday ♥'s

I know I know, a day late BUT this time I have a legitimate excuse! Any of my fellow bloggers can agree the Blogger website problems were no fun to deal with for the last few days. Fingers crossed everything was resolved for good. Anyways, I've got a seriously good lineup this week, each of these blogs hold a special place in my heart for being utterly fantastic so check them out!

Who doesn't like a sneak peak in other people's closets, via Kisses and Cross Stitches.

...Look Closer has a perfect example of how I want to dress all summer long.

And this is how I'd like to spend my summer, via Heaps of Nothing.

I'm shoe lusting right along with Studded Hearts.

Love this tattoo found on Fashion Canvas.


lavelle said...

Thanks for the link!

It was such a pain with blogger down - I lost lots of comments that I hadnt properly read.

Just been reading your post below - very jealous of your holiday it looks amazing!


Nesta said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog :)