Chloe Moretz x Nylon

Nylon May 2011

How adorably cool is Chloe Moretz? Anyone who has seen 500 Days of Summer fell in love with her character, the spunky little sister with plenty of advice for her lovesick brother. She continues to rock seriously crazy roles, already having a secured spot in Tim Burton's next film. Chloe has gained a rep not only her talent but her style. Chanel, Dior, Proenza, and Stella McCartney are some of her go-to red carpet designers. Did I mention Chloe is only 14? I hope you are as jealous as I am.


Jenmarie said...

I haven't seen this movie or heard of her until now! She's adorable and I love this shoot! It's so fun!

Connie @ SogniESorrisi said...

She's very cute. Love the tights.

Gardener-Sinya said...

Wow, how pretty these pictures are!!~

i love the last one, the blue one. Soft blue colors with a special transparent shoes, great!!~
Love them.

Thank you for sharing!!~

Cam said...

You can watch behind the scenes footage of Chloe's shoot here:


Hope it's okay to leave a link.

Nesta said...

The pink tights are awesome !!!!! That color is great :)