Thursday ♥ (on Sunday)

Whoops! Getting ready for one of our biggest dance competitions of the year at my studio made the last three days zip by before I had the chance to even glance at my favorite blogs. Better late than never I always say.

Lovely photos from Sophie's time in London.

Must get my hands on a pair of socks like this, as seen on Panda from Studmuffin.

This heart print blouse is absolutely precious on Cheetah is the New Black.

Fancy Treehouse chronicles her trip to Las Vegas.

This beautiful Marie Claire editorial on Absolutely Ladylike.


Alicia said...

I pretty much in love with this blouse! Thanks for the feature :)

Anonymous said...

wow thank you so much!
it means a lot!!
i´ve added you in my favourites on my blog.)

ryan said...

Those black lace socks are so sweet, I want a pair!