Sometimes I feel like in California the change of season means absolutely nothing. It may be approaching mid November but we still have consistently warm temperatures in the 80's. Some see this as a blessing, but for a lover of layering such as myself its a definite curse. I'll probably be wearing my denim cut-offs until December 1st!

Top: RL Polo, Shorts: Vintage Levi's, Boots: Justin, Sunglasses: Target


fashion westie said...

love the sleeves on that top-and the colour is beautiful too. you look great!

projectvee said...

i am jealous of your warm weather. it's all dark and bleary up here already :(

Answer My Dream said...

Lovely outfit!

Jes said...

fab outfit hun, love it x

Sasha B. said...

very well put my dear. I couldn't agree more. my legs are too white now for shorts. COLD WEATHER PLEASE ANSWER OUR PRAYERS!

glad u posted this outfit cus its cayuteee <3

antonia said...

great outfit!
love your shorts!!!


Fashion By He said...

love the shorts, you look amazing

come follow the first ever fashion blog from a Guys POV, let He know what you think

Fashion by He

Meg said...

too cute, and it was even warm this weekend in NJ at 70!! I wasn't complaining though as it will be in the 30s soon enough.

Nadine said...

Your hair is AMAZING, love this!


Laken Linnea said...

i love the softness of your shirt! you look amazing dear (:
love always,

3ate4 said...

Liking the shorts!