Style Crush 4 // Chloe Sevigny

One thing I appreciate about Chloe Sevigny is her willingness to take fashion risks. A lot like the rolls she's played, this girl definitely does not strive to fit in with the Hollywood crowd. She started out as an intern and model at Sassy Magazine, stopped for a street style pick on a day drip to New York City, before ever booking a film roll. My favorite parts of Chloe's style is how she plays with proportions. She's not afraid to wear a mini or shorts to almost any occasion, however she balances it with an equally fabulous long sleeve top. As for shoes, I still wish I had a pair of these.

images via google image search, collage by me


lavelle said...


i love chloe. love this post hun xx

Alyssa said...

i foresee that one day you will own those shoes.

sasha b. said...

love this. she's def an inspiration how rebelious and daring she is in her fashion.

and YES u can borrow it.. i KNEW you'd love it :)

Meg said...

i love her, she definitely is a risk taker which is nice to see.

p.s i shot you an e-mail idk i hope you got it

Anonymous said...

yeah... she's one of the cool kids.



♥Aubrey said...

Her style is AMAZING!!!
Very unique...one of a kind.

mariska said...

her style is easy and wearable,,



Tights Lover said...

She is gorgeous and has such great style! Love the photos here.