The Story

Button Shirt: Grandpa's
Dress: Truly Madly Deeply
Belt: F21
Tights: Rodarte for Target
Leggings: F21
Shoes: Deena and Ozzy

This outfit was worn last Friday night to a Brandi Carlile concert. She has an insane voice and it is a million times better live than recorded. Anyways, my favorite thing about this outfit is that I got a chance to wear my Grandpa's shirt. I never really got the chance to know him because he passed away when I was only 3, but there's something so special about wearing his clothes. I know he'd get a kick out of it. These pictures were taken when I got home and crashed on the floor and refused to stand up. You can't really see the cool detail that the button down is longer than the dress, but it looked quite interesting standing.

I have been feeling quite confused and conflicted and downright worn out lately. Probably a combination of overwork, overthink, and the stupid "spring forward" time change...anyways, what's your favorite pick me up when you feel down in the dumps?


Anonymous said...

so pretty!!
im referring to the peanut butter of course.. ;) jkk TARYN YOURE SO PRETTY! i have the best stalkee in the world!!

<3 alexx

Alexandria said...

Love the shoes. And the penutbutter actually looks really good. Yum!!


projectvee said...

aw you're so cute! and hahaha pb is always good :)

tess said...

awesome heels, wow!

my favorite pick me up is probably chocolate peanutbutter milkshakes!

beatrix hapsari said...

OMG!! I love your shoes!! adorable!!

visit my blog:

Thank you! :)

Jaime said...

I love that you're wearing his shirt... and the shoes & lace add a girly feel.

sasha b. said...

love this taryn!!! nice shoes ;) they look better with this outfit then the one i concocted. haha

daisychain said...

LOVE those shoes

Polliani said...

I love the lace and boots <3

Viva La Fashion said...

<3 the shoes. :)

akaCola said...

cute pictures...especially love those shoes...but when im feeling sad i just like going to a restaurant to get a slice of cheesecake and then coming home and taking a hot shower...my key is to pretty much treat myself to things I dont normally get to enjoy!

Clara said...

love your shoes
great blog!

StuddedLilly said...

love your lace tights underneath the wedges! great pieces! and the lookbook from zara below amazing!! i can't wait to get me some :D


helen said...

love those shoes. love brandi carlile. i saw her about 5 years ago, she came to my school. :)

helen xx

ANN said...

My favorite pick me up when I feel down are cheesy comedy movies and a carton of Ben & Jerry's to be honest, haha. I looove your shoes! The tights look so cool with them :)

Fifi said...

You and I are totally soulmates by accident

I did a post eating peanut butter

And I just wrote a post about pick-me-ups