I've got my mind set on you!

Here in Southern California, Spring comes early every year like clockwork. The abundance of shining sun and chirping birds has got my mind going on a Spring/Summer '10 Want List. Truthfully, I'm much more of a fall style girl at heart, but this year it is my mission to give these warmer months a chance. What better than some (pretend) internet shopping to get started?? :)

Chunky Almost-Wedges
I am in love with this Jeffrey Campbell pair. The heel is deceptive, it looks only mid-height but it is actually 4.5"!

A classic/versatile trench
(rag and bone)

High Waisted Denim Cut-Offs

A versatile mid sized bag
(Forever 21)

Knee high socks, also to be worn rolled/scrunched to ankle length
navy, grey, taupe, etc
(American Apparel)

Because sadly my prescriptive pair are nowhere near as cute and I just don't get along with sunglasses.
(Urban Outfitters)

P.S. I'm saving up for a DSLR camera, so if you have one I would love any kind of recommendation/suggestion/hint! Hit up the comments pretty please :)


Anonymous said...

that first shoe is so beautiful.x

daisychain said...

Oh I love those shoes.

M. said...

love those wedges!

lovelove, M.

projectvee said...

cute finds! :)

Jaime said...

Love the bag...F21? Awesome! :)

Haltrup said...

I liked your blog! I follow you :)

helen said...

i would love summer fashion if there was always a make-up and hair stylist on hand to make me look as good as those editorials haha. love the high-waisted cut offs tho..staple.

helen xx

Anonymous said...

awesome stuff:)

Caylie said...

Not loving CA bipolar weather lately.. I want the sun to shine all day long!


sasha b. said...

yay you did a spring wishlist! I love all of these and want them all. Seriously, jeffrey campbell is a god. enough said.

KateSouth said...

Fall is my favorite time of the year, too! I usually spend as little money as possible on summery items because I'd rather spend more on my fall wardrobe, but I am also trying to be more forgiving to the warmer times of the year. Those shoes are pretty fantastic.

UgnÄ— said...

Thanks for comment, dear! :]

Love that trench coat, so chic!


Victoire said...

that bag and those nerd glasses are so going on my wishlist! haha i got fake online shopping all the time :)


Anna-Lena said...

thx for your lovely comment...i also like your compilation of different kind of clothes and accessoires...i especially like the bag and high waisted shorts...gorgeous!wish you now a pleasant weekend!

Devina said...

Loves the photograph....
It's so dramatic....
Amazing outfit!

Ansley said...

Such cute stuff! love the bag & trench!

mariska said...

whoaaa..i love the brown coat,,looks fantastic!



VaivaPamaiva said...

That Rag&Bone trench is gorgeous :)