Dress: Lux
Leggings: Dance Bodysuit
Heels: F21
Watch: Vintage
Glasses: 3D (from the movie theater)
Headband: red ribbon

These pictures represent a wonderful day in LA with my family and my best friend Alyssa. We went to the El Capitan Theater in Hollywood to see Alice in Wonder in 3D. I loved the movie, it was properly fantastical and creepy, just what I expected from a Tim Burton film. Afterward, we drove around the hills and stopped in a park where Alyssa and I got out to take pictures. She is my partner in crime when it comes to putting together our own crazy photoshoots and she plans on starting her own blog soon! Aren't those jeans fantastic??
I can't wait till I have my license, I will be planning many a day trip up to LA.


KateSouth said...

WIth the red ribbon and the blue-ish dress, you look like a modern version of Alice! How fitting for the day you go see the movie.

Jaime @ La vie...J'aime said...

Cute dress and headband! I still want to see Alice in Wonderland.

Panda said...

Lovely outfits, you both look great! Love the lighting in these pictures too - wish it would be sunny in LDN... >:(

Panda x

projectvee said...

love your dress and the heels!

Alyssa said...

FINALLY! oh, i love you my partner in crime<3
HOOOLLYWOOOOD! ahahhahaha that was hilarious.
you are so very gorgeous my love(:

Glam Girl said...

Love the first outfit! Nice post!


JANNE said...

love your blog ! XXXX


super cute top...you have a cute style
please stop by my blog if you have the chance

TheDailey said...

thank you so much! I hope i get it!

you look lovely.. im gonna need to borrow those shoes by the way :]

Style Bird said...

I love this outfit..great shoes!

actually.love said...

i love the red ribbon!
i left you something on my blog (:

Dannie said...

i cant wait to see alice! i looove your look, it reminds me of a modern day snow white!
your blog is great, soo happy I found it!

sasha b. said...

loveee your shoes .. someone super cool must have let you borrow them.. ;) hehe. seriously i envy the way you take outfit pics.. so creative. you look gorgeeeee.

beatrix hapsari said...

love your shoeesss!! so adorable!!!


jessica said...

i love your shoes !
and her jeans :)

yessss alice in wonderland was amazing ♥

raita 2 said...

one word to descibe these photos: CUTE =)


Anonymous said...

damn taryn..you and alyssa are like unbelievably gorgeous and i love love loveee the third to last one :D

<3 alexx

Fifi said...

Love your shoes and hair

Your friend's jeans do rock

Meg said...

the 4th picture of you is beautiful!