Sonia Rykiel pour H&M

From the moment I first heard about the Sonia Rykiel and H&M collaboration I got veryyy excited. Now seeing the images, it is more wonderful than I could even imagine. On top of that, this is one of the most reasonably priced of the H&M designer collabs with most of the pieces running at $10-$35 for underwear and $30-$80 for clothing. It opens this weekend, Saturday Dec. 5th to be exact, in 1500 stores nationwide.
Now, I have never been to the opening of one of these collections but I've definitely seen pictures and heard about the lines. My sister agreed to take me Saturday but I have no idea what to expect! If you have any advice PLEASE leave a comment with your recommendations. It's my mission to get my hands on a few pieces!


alyssa said...

you could
*ahem* pick me up a piece or two

but no pressure.


Big Daddy said...

Ah those undies with the roses are so cute, you should definitely look to get a pair of those velvet flats-so good! My advice would be to go early, like way before it opens!

lavelle said...

Oh its all so gorgeous!!

Not sure if its the same over there, but here, you have to get there mega mega early, before the shop opens and you get a wristband and get to go in before anyone else


jessica said...

OHMG, i lovelovelovelove everything in that collection .

Anonymous said...

omg..lucky butt :)
you get to go shopping..while im sitting in a classroom taking the SAT hahaha!
have funn!

<3 alexx

ps..the tik tok video LMFAO

lolizzie said...

way too cute! :D

Jessy said...

Oh my god I am in LOVE! I am from Australia but I am in New York and am going in to H&M tomorrow... hopefully there are still a few things left for me to try on. I'm interning at a production agency this week and my boss went to the launch in Paris last week- what a dream.

Love your blog x


Danielle said...

What is the background song to your blog? I love it!


SomedayNewYorker said...

So adorable. Do you know how long it will be in stores?

Pippa said...

wow! so romantic! i really need that pink bustier. great blog!

Linnéa said...

The pink brassiere is defiantly my favorite!!!
-Gimme Gimme!!!!