The early bird.

Top: Lushh
Jacket: BB Dakota
Jeans: hand me down, sewn into skinny jeans
Boots: Ralph Lauren
Necklace: Mom's jewelry box
Belt: F21
Purse: Iguana Vintage

This past weekend I was able to snag the above top at the Sonia Rykiel pour H&M opening. It was surprisingly empty, which was nice. Sadly, the store I was at did not carry any of the satin pieces, so I'm wondering if they only showed up in certain locations or are being released at a later date. Who knows?


P.S. Last night, my family found out my grandma has been diagnosed with cancer-either leukemia or lymphoma. We are all staying positive as this journey begins.


Style Bird said...

I LOVE this look, love the jacket and boots..great photos too. I also LOVE your outfit from earlier post..the shorts and uo sweater. Best wishes for your Grandma. xo ava

un petit lapin said...

Love that SRxH&M top you got. And your handbag too!

Sorry to hear about your grandmother, my prayers are with you.

Anonymous said...

tarynpoooo :) have i told you have smoking hot you are lately??..yes i think i have ;)
anddd i hope your grandma gets well soon!!

<3 alexx

Mara said...

your jacket. I WANT!!!!!
and how did you sew those jeans into skinny jeans? sounds like something i should try!

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

what a FANTASSSSTIC jacket

Natalie said...

love ur jacket! and i do hope your grandma gets better :)



SaraLouise said...

so sorry to hear about ur grandma, i have a great blog that is to help ppl faced with cancer smile and feel hope . i hoep you will have a look


jessica said...

stay strong & positive ♥
my grandma had cancer twice, in different places, and she is fine and helathy today.

& i love that sonia rykiel pour h&m top !!

Aney, said...

Have to say I absolutely love this look - those boots are so darling. And the jacket looks amazing on you!

Simes. said...

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Jess said...

love the jacket and the bag is adorable haha! all the best to your grandmother its amazing that she has all of you to take care of her :)

FabBlab said...

Yayyy I love that coat!`

Faridah said...

That lace top is stunning. You look amazing. Love your jacket.

Blair Waldorf said...

the jacketttt!!!
:) and this outfit is gorgeous 2, the car bag is soo cuteee

Maha M said...

OMG your bag!! i want it.. that's the cutest thing ever..

Love this outfit, good for you for scoring some pretty buys.

Meho xx