daniela kamiliotis x the selby

images via the selby


Natalie said...

i love these pics, so cool! i love visiting the selby too :)



Ducks Like Tea said...

These are all so pretty!
Looking back over your posts, you have amazing fashion sense! Can I steal your clothes? Haha.
And best wishes to your grandma too.

thatsorad said...

I love "organized clutter" it looks so inspiring and warm!

Lilee said...

great pics!

ANN said...

All of these pictures are amazing! I wish I had that much stuff in my room to have clutters like these haha

M. said...

ahhh I looooooooove these pictures, I hope thats what my desk looks like a couple years from now!

p.s. I love your blog and I'm following :)

S. said...

whoa, super cute pics you have here :) yess, warehouse sales are fun except we literally couldnt move! it was worse than being in the mosh pit for beyonce :P

kpeach said...

all those feathers are amazing-love these images xxo

lavelle said...

I love this!! Best selby i've seen in a while

I have photos of the little kitten up!!


kiss me quick said...

wooow so beautiful.
selby rocks ^^

xxx kissmequick

Anonymous said...

idk why but i REALLY like the last one haha!
amazing-ness :)

<3 alexx

ps youre amazing

Anonymous said...

I heart The Selby!

Jess said...

i love the first photo. too cool!

actually.love said...

These pictures are gorgeous!! I wish I could make my desk look like this!! At first I thought this was your desk for which i would be extrememly jealous.

much love, your new follower (: