Crash Boom Bang

Following my dear laptop crash at the end of summer, I've been sharing our old family desktop with my mom. This last week it decided to give out, refusing to connect to the internet and showing the "blue screen of death" over and over. My dad seems to have gotten the internet back (time to cram for my online classes) but the old machine is still rather unreliable. If all goes well I'll be back to a more regular posting schedule within the week...fingers crossed for a new computer ASAP.

P.S. I saw New Moon last night. :D In my opinion it was definitely a step up from the first movie.
Team Jacob!!!


Nikyta said...

im soo jealous that u saw new moon...TEAM JACOB totally- great picture choice

little shadow said...

Ugh, its the worst feeling losing the use of the internet/computer.
I hope it's restored soon!

Damsels said...

what a dreamguy !

hope you get a new comp tooo ..

pixelhazard said...

Yeah it wouldn't be hard to step up from twilight I agree. I'm more for jacob in the movie, but totally team edward in the book

Anonymous said...

OMFG ok..ill admit he did look pretty hot in the rain..and THE HUG hahaha!! buttt team edward all the way ;)
ily tarynpoo!

<3 alex

jessica said...

ouhhh technology these days hahah .
damn unreliability !
good luck with it :)