Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Truthfully, I wish I could do an outfit post on a daily or even every other daily basis, but for the most part I don't wear "regular people clothes" all that often. I'm either on the ice or at a dance studio, neither of which require much creativity in the clothes department. I've found my own little ways to spice up what I wear each day but I'm limited to pieces that allow me to stay very mobile and don't get in the way. I made a little collage to give you guys an idea of what I wear every day of my life.

Typical skating day

However, I did get to sneak in a brief shopping trip with my mom yesterday and I picked up a gloriously soft, oversized white T and a tight black knit skirt with awesome seaming.

Lushh T shirt

Romeo and Juliet Couture Skirt

Aren't these awesome? They are meant to be holiday decorations, but I'd love one of these little costume jewelry covered orbs for my desk. Too bad the small one, about the size of a baseball, was $150. 0.0


Annie said...

i love the couture skirt!
i love your blog too!

i've linked and followed you!

love annie, xx

Little Bo Peeep said...

I really LIKE the t-shirt. I've been searching all over the place for it and still no luck!

Oh yeh, the song on your page is lovely :D what is it?

Anonymous said...

OMG is that the skirt you were telling me about?? I LOVE IT :)
anddddd yea..its not very skating-appropriate ;)

me: are you wearing only one leg warmer?
you: oh yea..i forgot the other one

<3 alex

Style Bird said...

Love the t shirt and skirt!

LML said...

i am fascinated by those glittery orbs!!!

Cancha-diction said...

beautiful outfit! I hope you play around on Polyvore!

I love watching ice skating during the Olympics. Such a graceful sport.

ONiC said...

wahhh i love the skirt like much muchy!

Lola vee said...

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MARISA said...

that tshirt and skirt is heavenly

i love the decorations too....i would totally use them year round


your blog is sweet lady..going to follow you from now on

Patty Ann said...

can i please have that skirt!?!?!? its totally fabulous!!!!! i love the ribbing on it

and those ornaments are pretty, wow $150?!?!?! its super shiny and pretty