A room with a view.

Two pieces of great news!

1. My sister has just gone into escrow on her very own condo. After the proper waiting period and some remodeling she will be out on her own. It's not too far away, 10-15 minutes, but it feels like a completely different area due to the fact that she's across the street from a wildlife preserve. So pretty! I can't wait to help her get settled in and go exploring.

2. This means I get to change rooms and move into the bigger room! I have lived in the same tiny room (my mom dubbed it "The Closet") for my entire life and not had the opportunity to change anything. Once my sister is out I get to paint and decorate however I'd like. It'll still be a few months before I have my chance, but in the mean time I've been collecting images for inspiration.

Palhavi bedroom in Tehran - Green Palace in Sa'd Abad Museum Complex

The Royal Bedroom at Versailles

images via flickr

I am extremely inspired by the royal bedrooms and artwork. Yes they are extremely over the top, but what I like best is the amount of light and detail. If you have the coolest bedroom around or have tried out some wild and crazy decorating techniques let me know! cause I need inspiration. :P


Flashes of Style said...

Gorgeous! It is amazing how inspiring a room can be. :)

Anonymous said...

I love the room with almost the mini library

KAELA said...

Ohhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmmmyyyyyy ggggaaaawwwwwdddddddddd...

...if only!

cupcakecouture said...

all great inspirations for your room !

Fashion Obsessed said...

holyshitttttttttt that first bedroom is fucking amazinggggg