Stud Muffin

I've been wanting to do an outfit post for awhile but lack of inspiration, time, and a proper place for taking pictures made me keep putting it off. Well my little white box arrived from Urban Outfitters today so I cheered up a bit. My sister and I went to see The Ugly Truth after my dance rehearsal and here's what I wore:

dress: Truly Madly Deeply
vest: Hi Styles Discounts :P
bracelets: UO and street vendor
shoes: Steve Madden

Please excuse the bad photo angles and my messy room. I am seriously lacking a good backdrop for any kind of outfit photos, but I'm going to see if I can find a place tomorrow or rearrange things.

The shoes from my last post have got me desperate for finding some ways to make money. A consistent job is out of the question at the time, so I'm thinking I will sell some old clothes on Ebay. Last time I did, I made just over $130. Anyone else have any Ebay success stories?

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