5/12/08-Running Around

Yesterday, my mom and I made a huge list and got a bazillion errands done. We actually completed the list too which I think might just be a first.

top: Buffalo Exchange (actually from AA)
long sleeve: my grandpa's, cut down by my grandma to fit my mom, then she gave it to me
jeans: Lux plus my own rips and tears ;]
shoes: converse


NICOLE said...

I LOVE that the shirt is on it's third generation and I love that you and your mom did not put off for tomorrow, what could be done today. Very cool post. xoxo, Nicole

Emz said...

I love the joy of just crossing things off that list!

Anonymous said...

loving the simplicity and effortlessness. it's so wonderful :-)


La Fée said...

lovely outfit!

Lily said...

nice top. boyscout meets cowboy
your jeans are lovely as well.

Eleh said...

i love the hand-me-downs! sweet.